Transport Scotland

Transport Scotland is the national transport agency for Scotland and is an executive agency directly accountable to Scottish Ministers and is part of the Scottish Executives Enterprise, Transport and Lifelong Learning Department.

Transport Scotland's Trunk Road Network Management directorate is responsible for:

  • Managing the efficient operation of the trunk roads network
  • Procuring and managing network maintenance contracts
  • Major maintenance projects
  • Maintenance policy and finance
  • Managing real-time information services
  • Planning applications
  • Accident investigation and prevention

and works in partnership with BEAR Scotland to achieve the aim of delivering a safe, efficient, reliable and environmentally acceptable Scottish trunk road network that meets current and future needs.

The trunk road network in Scotland is hugely diverse - from multilane motorway to single carriageway and is currently valued at around £15.5 billion, and because it is considered to be of strategic importance to Scotlands wellbeing, it is under the authority of the Scottish Ministers.